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Cruz Multimedia Productions brings people together through passion, perspective and story.

Passion. Perspective. Story


Our team has over a century of combined experience in the art of storytelling. Impactful motion picture content is unbeatable in any market place around the world. Good stories can open hearts, minds and create lifelong bonds between people, communities and cultures. We tell truthful and passion filled stories.


Alma mater of San Jose State University since 1994, Rosie Ferdin Cruz is a proud Spartan Alum. She began her career as a professional stage and film actress early in life, expanding her career into modeling with the prestigious FORD MODELS (San Francisco) and today, as an extensively trained actress, she is still highly sought after for major streaming productions around the world. Rosie’s accomplishments can be found on network television, Amazon Prime, Apple TV and film festivals across the globe.

Her passion for storytelling keeps her busy as an independent producer. In 2016, she founded Cruz Multimedia and is currently the active CEO. She’s the co-creator of HUSH The Series (2013), launched The Actors Conference (2017), co-founded Koda Tribe Entertainment (2018) and Tri Valley Pictures (2021). Her experience also, helps others as she contributed time, energy and knowledge as part of the advisory board of WeXL.org, helping young diverse creatives create connections and currently serving on the board of LetsBeBigger.org, empowering youth citizens of Lousianna through projects and positive experiences that promote self-awareness and unity in diversity. Today she also serves as Chair of Media Consulting with the 90210 Network.

Her production focus and expertise comes from the last 10 years working with seasoned producers on development, packaging, finance and sales with Odyssey Motion Pictures and Adegan Productions in Hollywood as well as in the various stages of production with Meets the Eye Studio, The Lightgrid Studio and Chabot TV in Silicon Valley.

Continuously moving forward as a social entrepreneur, an award winning independent producer and student of life, her entrepreneurial direction evolves quickly in our highly technical entertainment industry. Today, she lives in Silicon Valley with her family and continues to work as an innovative entrepreneur.

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Tri Valley Pictures LLC

Creative Services in still photography & motion picture production

Branded Content & Commercials

Build awareness and share your company’s values.

Documentaries & Corporate Films

Bring light to any topic to start a conversation with your audience that begins change, offers education or helps pursue justice.

Episodic TV and Feature Films

Fictionalized storytelling in its most creative aspect. Character. Plot. Action. Hook.

Still Photography

Freeze and capture a moment in time to tell a tale about people, the places they visit and the things they do. A picture’s worth a thousand words.