Communication is Everything

Communication is Everything

About five years ago, I had a mentor who taught me this clever exercise to help myself focus on my vision for success. With what I know now, I can tell you it was really a meditation. To push the envelope even further, I added the task to list them in order of importance…. Before going to bed, I sat comfortably and meditated.  In my vision, I was walking through a house I had never been in before. I approached a large wall mirror, and there I was, a little older than what  I am now…  my future self took me on a tour of the house, then to a court yard for tea. We chatted about a whole ton of things. Seemed like a lazy afternoon.  This could have gone on until eternity but she stop at one point to whisper,   “5 elements of success”…  

And continued to explain as I sat in front of her clinging on to every word. In the end, she got up. Smiled, hugged me and said “everything you do serves a purpose. Have no doubts”… Then went back inside her house by herself. 


I snapped out of my meditation to write down my list… Instead of a piece of paper, which I couldn’t find,  I quickly grabbed my phone, wrote everything in an email and sent it to myself. Mission accomplished.  I felt complete.  Went to sleep happy. 


The very next day, I looked for my email…  I could NOT find that email to save my life, sort to speak.  I was baffled and started to feel a bit desperate.  I practically beat myself up over a lost email.  So I concentrated to recall the dream, I remembered number one… :



Simple but meaningful instantly!  The meaning of it evolved over the last 5 years and it still continues to be my number #1 element for success in everything I do. 

Communication is everything.