My family established a new tradition.  The last four years we’ve celebrated Thanksgiving in Las Vegas.  I didn’t have to do the cooking and cleaning but a lot of the same family dynamics still came into play.  Stress plays out in many ways. Half way through our day prior to Thanksgiving words just got meaner with my girls and feelings got hurt.  What I recognized through the unraveling of that day, was the discovery of my true voice; it can come from interaction with family even through the “not-so-fun-times”.  I have always been the sensitive one; getting hurt and angry in many situations.  Instead of speaking with criticism, irritation, anger, judgement, I took a breathe and worked through confrontation. My dear friend and co-producing partner Anita, taught me something long ago that I’ll never forget.  In delicate situations, I watched her place her hand on her heart before speaking.  I did that, and it made so much sense.  I spoke from my heart.

I just have to be present.  I think I figure out the secret to finding my true voice: Take a deep breathe, put my hand on my heart and “just say it”.  I’m learning to appreciate and work through these opportunities to hone in on this self growth and learn how to be a more effective artist.  My kids are my best teachers, even though I don’t want to admit it at times.  I’m learning as I go as a parent and as an artist.  I’ve shed the belief of being a damaged soul to be a great artist.  All I want to do is communicate LOVE.  I wish everyone the best season of LOVE.  LOVE to all.